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*** About Mari ***

Zanzi & I

Dogs have been the love of my life.

I grew up in a family where we always had dogs as pets. In fact,my parents were breeders of Foxterriers and Dachshunds and I encountered the many wonderful and different personalities and behaviours of our pets during the years. I grew up in a time where stories and films such as Lassie, The Incredible Journey and The Call of the Wild both inspired and shaped my enduring love of dogs.

But I wanted my very own dog and at last, after I qualified and started my teaching career, I acquired a German Shepherd. Sheba was a gorgeous gentle dog, both as a puppy and as an adult. Sheba was the first of many wonderful dogs who have been part of my life and family.

Myself when I was very young
Right from the beginning, I realised the importance of training one's pet.
Much like the children I taught, dogs too, need to know what their boundaries are in order to feel safe and loved.
Consequently, I have trained all my dogs in obedience and have entered some of my dogs into various Cape Handler Dog Club Competitions. My current dogs, the gentle and mature Metza, and the young adventurous Zanzi, are being trained and have achieved various distinctions in competitions.

Over the years, it has always worried me to leave my dogs alone while I went to work."What did they do while I was away? Did they miss me?" And most importantly, "Were they safe?" …..these were thoughts that often occupied my mind. And so the seed was sown for a Little Paws Day Care Centre for Dogs …… I decided to supplement my experience with dogs by completing a Dog Behaviourist Course, which I passed in 2012.
I opened my doors of the Daycare in April 2012 with a Yorkie, named Aston. He was soon joined by a Jack Russell (Zeuss) and a miniature Dachshund (Jesse).
From the beginning, I crate-train the dogs and have worked out a nice routine for them. They play outside for most part of the day and from twelve until two
they enjoy lunch and have a well-deserved nap. All my dogs are happy dogs and they are all friends with each other. Up until now, I haven’t experienced a dog fight.
Although I started off as a Puppy Day Care I have also started taking older dogs. If an older dog joins the group, I first carefully assess him/her before I allow
him/her to join. Thus, I minimize the possibility of a dog fight. With my constant supervision, I ensure that the dogs do not bark unnecessarily.

Owners who enrol their dogs are special people in my eyes because they really care about their dogs!
I strive at all times to do my best for these owners and their beloved dogs.