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Oliver & Matilda


Mari is always accommodating and she will always put your pooches's wellbeing first.

I have been taking Oliver, my oldest Schnauzer to her for over a year and he is like a 6 year old that wants to go to school. Matilda, the smaller one has been going for the past 3 months and she is also as happy as can be.

Mari has an amazing way with dogs and her overall knowledge sets her up to do a wonderful job. I have also left my two with her for weekends and they are very happy to sleep out.

Should anyone have any further questions you can contact me on

Otto van Griethuysen

Oliver & Matilda



When I got my Daschund puppy, Jesse, I was so stressed that there was no daycare available in my area.

I searched for weeks and then came upon Little Paws Doggy Daycare. Well, I was ecstatic but also very nervous to leave my “baby” with a stranger, but Jesse took to Mari, the owner, immediately  and to her own dogs too. 

Mari has been brilliant with caring for my Jesse for she is so caring, lovable and even takes photos and videos every now and then so that we can see what the “doggies” get up to during the day when we are at work!  

Jesse has made “friends” and she loves going to “school” everyday.  I absolutely recommend Mari and Little Paws Doggy Daycare to anyone and everyone; there you will be assured that your dog will receive the same love and attention that you would give them. 

Sonia Wilds




My name is Maya, a chubby, loving caramel Chow Chow.

I am my Mommy and Daddy’s apple of the eye, aka Bolle, Bollewol and Aspatat (sweet hey). My Mommy and Daddy took me to school/daycare when they were building at our house. They were scared that I might run away or even bite the builders if I stayed there.

I am also a guard dog, but Daddy thinks that I am not; he thinks guard dogs doesn’t go to daycare… but I love it there! I am at school/daycare twice a week. Mommy drops me off on her way to work and picks me up after work. It is also a big treat when Daddy picks me up and I know I will get a nice snack.

At school I have many friends. We play the whole day long. My teacher, Mari is very friendly and loving. She talks and plays with us but digging holes in the garden seems to be a big no no…Naptime is always one of my favourites, but not for all my friends… All that is left to say is I like Little Paws very much!

Chow, Maya Gird




Zeuss was five months old when he joined Little Paws Daycare. He was very adventurous and naughty, digging large holes and sometimes he played too boisterously in later months when more dogs joined.

But he has a very friendly nature and his eagerness appealed to Mari right from the start. She became very fond of him.

From December 2012 to April 2013 he had to stay with her permanently as I had to temporarily move out of my house. During this time he bacame very close to Mari because he was missing me a lot. Even though I went to see him every day, Mari had to fulfill in all his needs, physically as well as emotionally. He became very loving in this period and he also stopped getting up to mischief.

He just loved being at school. Once he was back with me, he was different in a certain kind of way. He would now sit in front of the door in the early morning, eager for us to go to school. One morning he slipped out past me and I couldn’t catch him! Eventually I drove to Mari and told her what had happened and she got into her car and fetched him from my home. He was sitting on the front porch and was very happy to see her!

Whenever a new dog comes to school, they must meet Zeuss first as he is considered to be the alpha dog. Only on his “approval” does Mari seem satisfied that the newcomer will be all right! In all the dogs that he has screened, he has yet to make a mistake – all of them fitted in nicely in the daycare.

Little Paws has done a lot for Zeuss and I would recommend it to anyone. The dogs get loving care with Mari and it is good for them to be together and socialise with each other. I often work over weekends and then Zeuss also stays with Mari and she takes care of him.

Violet Simons




BJ came to us as a timid, intelligent, 2 year old rescue dog from the Animal Welfare Society, Helderberg.  He would not bark, his tail and head were always down and he refused to come into the house.
Kind words, plenty of love, affection, attention, walks, training and treats gave him hope and the ability to trust people again; however, he still spent most of his time sleeping.  So we decided to send him to Little Paws Doggy Daycare, in the hope that it would provide him with some stimulation and make him happier.

It was definitely the best decision for him.  He is much more playful and alert at home and on daycare mornings, he takes his lead to the gate in anticipation of the day ahead.  He has made some great friends and his tail is always wagging when he goes with Mari.

The scars on his back and side will never go away, but his heart has healed and he is now living a life filled with fun, happiness, and love with us, Mari and his pack at Little Paws Doggy Daycare.

Highly recommended!
Michelle and Jonathan